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About us

 How it all began...

Red Dirt Miss, LLC began its journey in Spring of 2016. Armed with grit and true desire to have my own business, I slowly saw my dream take flight.  You can certainly say I love all things well as the 'not so pretty'.  My career has certainly expanded over the years.  I am an esthetician, a registered nurse and now an online boutique owner!  I love reading up on the latest and upcoming fashions, finding the best make-up products, and  working home health in various towns.  I would have to say that my 3 teenagers, farm animals and product research keeps me very busy.  My significant other works oilfield, and thankfully, has been quite busy with his jobs. 

My ultimate goal with this boutique is to bring you trendy, up-to-date, fun pieces, with a western edge.  I love putting together outfits and branching out of my comfort zone at times!  I worked for Dillard's many moons ago, and my favorite pastime there was dressing mannequins and forms, with our new inventory. 

When you dress great, you feel even better!  I am a firm believer of that theory and strongly believe that women should empower one another.

Dress to venture!!

Blessed Days,

Sarah & Taylor


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